Quality. Trust. Reliability.

From its beginnings in 2001 as a supplier of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products to its sister company, American Hospital Dubai, to catering to the needs of the entire UAE market in this domain, Unimed’s growth and success are pivoted on a singular aim: To be the preferred and most trusted supplier and distributor of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products.

Unimed’s integrity and fair practices and its reputation for quality and reliability have driven its growth and expansion and today, Unimed delivers to 224 hospitals and clinics, 776 pharmacies, and 143 wholesale companies across the UAE.

The company deals in all types of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products, registered and non-registered, inclusive of treatment medications, supplemental and cosmetic ranges.

Procuring supplies from both international and local manufacturers for branded and generic products, Unimed plays a significant role in contributing to UAE’s growing pharmaceutical industry. Most of the medical equipment is imported from abroad, but Unimed also supports local manufacturers for medical furniture and basic needs.

In Dubai’s highly robust healthcare market that saw expenditure grow from AED 39 billion in 2010 to double that in 2021, and the pharmaceutical sector's growth from AED 6 billion in 2010 to AED 13 billion in 2020, Unimed’s own trajectory of success and its significant contributions to this growth reflect its winning strategy and vision.

Driven by core values

Consistent growth, excellent repute and gaining the trust of the market can only result when a company adheres to strong core values that provide it with forward momentum.

Unimed is passionate about its role in society – to ensure timely supply and distribution of healthcare products that are critical for people’s wellbeing – and its sense of ownership of this responsibility powers it on to be the best at what it does.

Unimed invests in building an environment of continuous learning, innovation, teamwork, and diversity for its employees, which directly contributes to customer satisfaction and strengthens its performance. Its highly qualified and trained staff function in a cohesive, motivating, rewarding environment, with supportive management that is deeply attentive to their needs and concerns. This synergy, Unimed believes, is indispensable to its growth.

Best practices: At the heart of its culture

Unimed’s concept of business excellence is founded on strong principles and the pursuit of result-oriented practices. The company believes in partnering with reputable manufacturers that follow globally recognised quality processes and certifications. It practices keen market mindfulness, which includes a predictive ability to spot trends and challenges and is uncompromising on product excellence. This intelligence is critical to help Unimed set standards in seamless logistics, enabling it to effortlessly reach its end goal of on-time delivery. In fact, Unimed is defined by this reliability and efficiency.

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