79 Years of Redefining International Standards


The UAE’s rich heritage and culture, its globally acknowledged achievements and benchmark progress find flourishing synergy in the achievements, contributions, and successes of the Mohamed & Obaid AlMulla Group.

A blended approach to success

The Mohamed & Obaid AlMulla Group’s deep respect for tradition and culture is yoked to modernity in a world evolving at a lightning pace. One of the UAE's most dynamic business groups, the second generation of the AlMulla family is now upholding the mission and vision of its forefathers. The Group was an early role model in the UAE for incorporating corporate governance laws as a fulcrum in its business operations.

The Mohamed & Obaid AlMulla Group’s origins date back to 1942 when it entered the market as a private, family-owned business in the construction sector. The Group’s foresight and pursuit of innovative strategies helped its diversification into strategic areas of economic growth such as hospitality, healthcare, real estate, and travel & tourism, contributing to Dubai’s international fame with path-defining and iconic brands in these domains.

In tandem with national growth

The AlMulla Group’s historical roots run into over seven decades of enterprise and dynamism and its growth and success are nourished by its patriotism and pride for the values of the UAE.

Our Legacy

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