Chairman's Message

Our forefathers strived hard to add to the pride and prestige of the UAE as it began its journey 78 years ago and worked towards providing business, opportunity, enterprise, and prestige to the country, with modern and international businesses rooted in tradition. Those are the profound values we inherited. As Emiratis, we treasure our culture and heritage and yet we are now ready for an international take-off with a progressive and goal-oriented outlook for the growth and progress of our business that can match its counterparts globally.
Mr. Buti Obaid AlMulla

Group CEO's Message

As one of the UAE’s most respected family-owned businesses, the Mohamed & Obaid AlMulla Group’s growth and dynamism over 70 years have been driven by foresight, excellence and innovation. Our patriotism and pride in the values of the UAE nourish our commitment to being partners in nation-building.

Our core values of People and Performance have helped us become an integral part of Dubai’s success story in strategic areas of Healthcare, Hospitality and Tourism, and Real Estate, contributing to its international fame with path-defining brands.
The Mohamed & Obaid AlMulla Group will continue to blaze the trail, delivering pioneering achievements in healthcare and hospitality, and ensuring that its mission and vision for the future are in full service of the community and nation.

Mr. Sherif Beshara
Group CEO

Meet Our Team

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  • Mr. Buti Obaid AlMulla


  • Mr. Yousef AlMulla

    Board Member

  • Ms. Hana AlMulla

    Board Member

  • Mr. Mana AlMulla

    Board Member

  • Mr. Tarek Al Mahjoub

    Board Member

  • Mr. Sherif Beshara

    Group CEO

  • Mr. Jasper Kateli

    Group Chief Financial Officer

  • Dr.Tarek Dufan

    Group Medical Advisor / CMO - American Hospital Dubai

  • Dr.Paul Auon

    Group Healthcare & International Relations Advisor

  • Mr. Haitham Sabbah ElMasri

    Group Finance Director

  • Mr. Fadi Nassar

    Group Head of Human Capital

  • Ms.Samah Aziz

    Group Chief Marketing Officer

  • Mr. Naser Al Maghtheh

    Group Head Procurement

  • Mr. Ziad Hamze

    Group Head of Projects

  • Ms. Sandra Corm

    Group Company Secretary

  • Mr. Richard Haddad

    Chief Executive Officer (Ishraq Hospitality)

  • Mr. Tarek Saliba

    General Manager (Real Estate)

  • Dr. Helda Osta

    General Manager
    (Unimed & Stay Well)

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