The Mohamed & Obaid AlMulla Group launched its Travel and Tourism Division in 2007. Initially envisioned as a support system to meet the Group’s internal travel demands, it soon acquired momentum and grew into a thriving hub offering comprehensive inbound and outbound travel services.

We are an IATA-accredited travel management company operating as a full-service, one-stop shop. Our team of travel professionals is highly experienced and uses the latest processes and systems to deliver efficient, individualised travel experiences for customers.

We partner with all major airlines, and our deals with them help us offer indisputable benefits to corporates, regardless of market conditions.

We serve a range of blue-chip clients, increasingly integrating systems through IT and communications to create direct online access to travel services. For larger corporate accounts, we embed in-house travel advisers at client premises, along with a reservation system hub, to enable a seamless and exclusive process.

Our track record is rich with awards from top airlines for outstanding sales performance and productivity.

Harnessing our Group’s strengths

The Group’s portfolio of dynamic business divisions plays a vital role in enhancing our role. Integrating the latest technology, systems and processes across the divisions is an essential asset helping us render exceptionally advanced client services.

Our hospitality division’s international hotel brands portfolio gives us the edge in a highly competitive market.

The pandemic has presented significant challenges to the travel industry, but our Group’s strengths, built strategically over the decades, have enabled us to face the headwind and forge ahead. Our hotel franchises, visa quota, ticket portal, and tie-ups for PCR test in the pandemic with our flagship American Hospital Dubai give us the edge in travel packages. Due to these in-built advantages, we are better positioned to offer more attractive price points to draw international travellers to the UAE.

Travel is not a package; it’s an experience

Mohamed & Obaid AlMulla Travel & Tourism believes travel management is more than making efficient arrangements; it’s about offering customers memorable experiences and emotions.

In this pandemic era, this specialised attention to customers is a critical requirement. There is a reason we call our team Doctors of Travel. Every member possesses in-depth industry knowledge and insight to meet client expectations. Due to COVID-19 safety issues, apart from helping customers with cost management, fare reduction, and air miles optimisation, travel services must also provide up-to-date information on rules, regulations, and guidelines for stay. So, we ensure we are available for our customers round-the-clock throughout their travel duration.

Imagine. Adapt. Innovate. Our commitment to you.

As international tourism picks up pace due to the pushback efforts of countries’ vaccination drives, the new imperatives for the travel industry are clear: imagine, adapt, innovate. The need to design travel experiences with non-traditional creativity is more pronounced today than ever. And we are ahead of the curve.

We are promoting destinations that don’t require quarantine. We are also in the vanguard of offering high-value packages for medical tourism to the UAE, a vital and growing industry. Our synergy with our flagship brand, American Hospital Dubai, and our finger on the market pulse combined with our advanced processes across the Group enables us to play a pivotal role in meeting medical tourists’ needs. These include visa processing, travel arrangements, accommodation, and facilities.

In the pandemic and the post-pandemic era, trends in travel will undergo rapid changes. The new priorities for customers are personal and situational safety, exclusive features, blended (business and leisure) getaways and customised experiences. We are readily meeting these expectations.

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