Quality. Trust. Reliability.

We are confident about our real estate assets

As early as the 1960s, our group's sustained growth made us look at a new direction: real estate. Entering the property market would not only help us meet the growing needs of our divisions but would also give us a deeper insight into the sector. Our real estate division is a reputed entity in the market today.

Our Services

Build & Lease: A diverse portfolio
We own an extensive land bank and an array of mixed-use, commercial, retail, and residential properties, including villas and apartments across Dubai. Our motto is, ‘Build, retain, sustain’. This has stood us in good stead with stability and consistent growth.

Property Management: Delivering to high standards
This is our prime focus. Our emphasis on facility maintenance ensures our clients’ happiness, comfort, and positive experience.

We also offer third-party management services.
Quality, Trust and Reliability distinguish us. We have large, expert teams delivering to the high standards we have set for ourselves.

Facility Management: Our skills set us apart
Highly skilled facilities management is at the core of real estate success. We believe this gives high value to a property. Therefore, we provide a technical real estate team for each of our internal and external clients.

Construction: The key to growth
As a business group, we are driven by growth and the setting of benchmarks. Our project management principle is to establish consistency and quality at the inception stage. This fundamental approach ensures that implementation leads to the standardization of quality across the group’s property assets.

The future: New horizons

Our next horizon is exciting: We are in the process of setting up a full-fledged facility management company that will raise the bar in the field. We believe that market forces post 2020 call for more innovation and economy of scale, and our pursuit will benefit not just our group’s divisions but also the market.

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