Dr.Tarek Dufan

Dr Tarek Dufan is the Chief Medical Officer and Chief of Radiation Oncology at American Hospital Dubai. He also serves as Medical Advisor to the Mohamed & Obaid Al Mulla Board of Directors, the holding Group of American Hospital Dubai.

His other responsibilities include being a board member of the Monrol Board of Directors and Medical Practices Higher Committee of Dubai Health Authority.

Dr Dufan’s leadership, extensive experience, and strategic vision are critical drivers of American Hospital Dubai’s excellence and reach. He was instrumental in restructuring Mohamed and Obaid Al Mulla Group’s healthcare division, forging new paths to set standards in performance and innovation.

Previously, Dr Dufan was Chief of Medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology and Director of Radiation Oncology at American Hospital Dubai. He also held the position of General Manager, United Medical Supplies (Unimed), part of Mohamed and Obaid Al Mulla Group.

His long and distinguished career includes being a Senior Consultant Radiation Oncologist at Sanford Bismarck Health Center and CHI St. Alexius Health Center, North Dakota, USA. He was Medical Director at Bismarck Cancer Center for eight years and worked as a Cancer Liaison Physician.

Dr Dufan has certification from the American Board and the Canadian Board in Radiation Oncology.


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